Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Before traveling to Florida, there was laundry {so much laundry!} and packing {so much packing!}, but most importantly, there was pampering!

Reese...dolphins her toes were too tiny for flamingos.

Cru...well, he took advantage of the massage chairs!

So, it was finally travel day....someone shoot me!  As you all probably know by now, I don't fly.  And unless you suffer from anxiety of some sorts, you won't understand why.  I take a combination of medicines before take off, which helps, but if I really wanted "help" relaxing, I'd down the pills with booze.

But lets be real, Chet making his way through multiple airports with a wife making a scene straight from the movie Bridesmaids AND three children! And seven pieces of luggage....ok, I'm totally doing this next time :))))

Back to this trip....

Here's to flying early, so kids sleep most of the way there....

orrrr not! 

But we have some darn good travelers on our hands!  The only issue was with Evee on the way home.  I think she was feeling a little sick.  I nonchalantly reached for a barf bag {none to be found!} while trying to distract her.  She started crying saying she just wanted to be home.  I almost cried too because I felt the exact same way!  At that point Cru had to go to the bathroom, so while he was gone, I broke up half a dramamine for her to take, she switched seats with Cru, and eventually fell asleep on my lap and slept until we landed.

I gave her the rest of the Dramamine before our last flight home, then made her sit by Chet :)  She watched a movie on her iPad and slept.  Whew!

So, back to Florida.....

Thought I'd share a little about our house.  Since we were staying for ten days, we decided to rent a house.  Which almost didn't happen because choosing one was probably one of the hardest decisions I've made!

But between Auntie Chancey and I searching and searching {I honestly thought my eyeballs were going to pop out of my head!}, we finally found one!

It was absolutely perfect for us!  Clean, spacious, open, pool, hot tub, great location, on a canal!  Our family's future in Florida is a bit unknown right now, but if they are still there next summer, we will stay at this house again!

Above are the only pictures I have of the inside of the house, which is a shame.  It really was so nice!  The kids' favorite part was their bedroom, which slept all three of them!  Bunk beds plus another bed.  We had another bedroom with two twin beds, which no one used and the master suite!

Out back, we had an beautiful view of the canal and palm trees.  Our pool/hot tub combo was AMAZING!!!  We used it multiple times a day!   

We had two big iguanas that came to visit every day!

Ok, as much as I hate airplanes, I'm about to hop on one right now!  Palm trees and sunshine are calling my name!

So there's a little intro to our Florida trip! Hopefully, you'll keep seeing the same "Florida" title, which means I am keeping up with posting about it!

Don't hold your breath though ;)

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