Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My Kind of Monday

There's nothing better than going to bed on a Sunday night knowing there's no school Monday!!

Which was the case for this week!

My original plan was to take the kids to the zoo.  Then, I saw where one of our favorite pumpkin patches opened over the weekend, so I thought if we're driving all the way to Wichita, why not go to the pumpkin patch instead?!

I'm so happy we did!

The weather was perfect!  And we were one of maybe five families there...hollah!!!

This early in the pumpkin picking season, we had the pick of the litter!

I wish I would have planned better and brought lunches so the kids could have played even longer....we literally could have stayed all day!  But I can't think that far ahead!  Plus, Uncle Ty called to see if Cru wanted to stop by Butler's baseball practice, so we headed out, grabbed a {late} lunch, and ate at the baseball field.


Hangin' with the big boys!  Pretty exciting to a six year old!  Even more exciting when those big boys walk by and give you knuckles!

He got to watch Uncle Ty throw BP, lefties bat {like himself} and hit at least five home runs, and he may or may not have heard some naughty words....

Now that was my kind of Monday!!!

Still crazy!  Maybe a tad more whining and fighting that I would have liked, but hey, no Monday is that perfect!

I'm just incredibly grateful I'm able to be home when my loves are home and Chet provides enough for us that I can take them on these fun outings!

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