Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Life Lately

is crazy as always....

LOTS of soccer!

Cru's team has been playing great!  So many pictures to another post.

When he's not kicking a soccer ball, he's throwing the football.


Unfortunately, he's only played in one football game because of his soccer schedule {his choice}.  He actually asked me yesterday if he will ever get to play in a football game again....this weekend, buddy!  Followed by two days of soccer!

It's officially fall!

Except you wouldn't know it by the weather lately....

I'll take it though!  As much as I love fall, it just means winter is near.  Yuck!

Please tell me you took time to check out the blood moon the other night?!

Everlee got her ice cream date with Kellsie!  She was on cloud nine!  As soon as she got home, she grabbed a piece of paper and started coloring....

She colored it all in brown smelly marker so "when she opens it, she'll smell chocolate" :)

I'm still doing my best to keep up with running....still sllloooow and steady.

And speaking of running...

Our damn dog!  Grrrr!  She won't stop running away!  We are so thankful for ALL the kind people that have picked her up, including businesses....Casey's, Dairy Queen, and Dillons.  You're reading that right!  I guess I should include the Animal Shelter too.  Where she got to spend the night and was even treated to breakfast.  And I got to spend $40 to get her out.  They just don't understand how a ten year old dog still wants and can do all that running...uhhh, me too!!

Seriously, we love you, Coy!  But enough is enough!

First grade homework...

Enough said!

But actually it's going pretty well :)

I don't have pictures, but I want to acknowledge Reese trying out for the Lady Express softball team again this year.  She definitely went in there more confident this year, most importantly, SO EXCITED to see her teammates!  And she made the team again!

Cru tried out for a baseball team as well.  And made it!  Culver's better increase their vodka inventory so I can survive their schedules!

Can I get an amen for vodka?!!!

Just kidding!  I love these kids!  They do a good job of making sure my day isn't boring ;)

Do you think someone can meet their soul mate at the age of four???

Some days I honestly wonder if these two will get married one day.  They see each other nearly every day, and it never seems to get old, even when she's sassy to him! 

They exchanged stuffed animals this week "for six days" and on the first day, Thatcher's mom sent me a picture of him sleeping with her puppy.  So, I went to check on Ev with his turtle...

No words....

Whew!  So, that's life {in a nutshell} lately.  And everything else in between, but you get the point.

Thankful for all of it!  And still wouldn't trade any of the craziness for anything!  Just some extra vodka ;)

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