Saturday, July 19, 2014

Lets Go GGs!

I hope I never forget this summer with the GGs!  Pronounced gee-gee :)  The girls could never come up with a team name; they'd always "Green ________" so one practice, we said how about GGs and they could call it whatever they wanted!

We had such a great group of girls - all different personalities, different schools, different abilities - that made up one great team.  They made us laugh, some made us slightly frustrated, but most of all, they made us so proud!

We were very fortunate to have wonderful weather this season, except for our last game.  Probably the hottest day of summer yet.  The two head coaches were gone, so it was just us two assistants....and Chet.  Girls were dropping like flies; literally running off the field saying they were hot, their tummies hurt.  I just directed them behind the dugout....shade and safe to puke, which luckily, no one did.

Here are pictures from the last couple games of the season.

I can't express how proud of I was of Reese!  I was honestly shocked at how much she enjoyed it and how well she did!  Her favorite position was third base.  She never had a negative attitude; she just loved being out there with her friends and having fun!

These girls had so much fun together (on and off the field)!  They are all so different (all attend different schools), yet share such a sweet bond ♥ Izabel, Reese, Addie, and Cora

Back row: Amelia, Haely, Alivia, Reese, Addison, Kyara
Front row: Audree, Izabel, Claire, Cora

Thanks to my dad and Chet for snapping a lot of these pictures since I was managing the dugout ;)  My mom took this video, which happened to be one of Reese's biggest hits!

Sad to have our season end, but excited to see what these girls do next year....

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