Thursday, July 10, 2014

I am begging and pleading with my sanity to make it through this week.  I am struggling.

Today....left the house at 10:00am.  Arrived back home 4:42pm.

Swim lessons 10:30am

The kids LOVED lessons with Kenna!  Everlee struggled a bit during her last couple lessons with not wanting to go under, but today, she put her big girl panties on (and maybe shed a few tears)!  

A very quick lunch with Daddy, which included four trips to the bathroom so two kids could poop.  We seriously spend more time in public bathrooms when we go places than the actual place we went to!  Not fun for someone who has a fear of public bathrooms.  I'm talking about me.  Also, not fun for a person with Crohns.  Wow, getting off track!

Cru had a birthday party 1:00pm, we were only a tad late ;)

Reese and Everlee had well child checks 1:30pm. 

Both healthy and doing great!

Volleyball camp 2:15pm, late again, but with valid excuse this time.

After camp, we grabbed smoothies....Reese said, "Wow, we have been so busy today, Mom!  Are you getting us a treat because we've been so good?"  Yes...and because Mommy has been good too!

When we got home 4:42pm, I finished up a special sash I had been working on for a friend.

Then, I got a text that just sent me over the edge.  Nothing bad, just pressure, and I couldn't handle it.  I wanted to crawl in a hole...and drink margaritas.

We went outside instead.

Plus, I had no clue what we were doing for supper, so I was avoiding the kitchen....and messy house.  And laundry...Cru has told me for two days now, "This is my last pair of underwear in my drawer."  Yes, the same pair.

Once outside, my mind was definitely taken elsewhere.

Red lipstick is pretty much in every picture these days.

Thank you, loves!

I need to finish the week strong!  My motivation....after this week, softball, tball, swimming lessons, and volleyball camp ALL DONE!  I'm ready to swim all day and grill every night!

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