Monday, July 14, 2014


Back in May, our neighbor/friend asked if Cru would be interested in playing in a couple 3v3 tournaments.

My initial reaction...what the hell is 3v3?

3 on 3 soccer for the not so soccer savvy.

We aren't soccer people; we don't know the lingo, we don't know the rules.  But we know our son loves to play!

Nothing was set in stone; Jon had to put together a team and find out if any tournaments had U6 divisions.

6 and under age division, again for the not so soccer savvy ;)

One thing we did learn this spring during Y rec league soccer is that McPherson does not offer a competitive soccer team under the age of 8.  So, this would be an opportunity for our soccer-loving boy.

A couple weeks passed, Jon asked if we were still interested because he had found a couple tournaments and put a team together.

So, practices started, and Chet and I quickly realized how lucky Cru is to be given this opportunity.  Jon is awesome!  I really don't know how else to describe him.  He's taught their inexperienced team of five and six year olds SO much!!!  They have plays and positions.  They have learned new skills, new vocabulary.  And Cru is loving ever single minute of it. 

Their first tournament was a few weeks ago.  I was nervous!  Unfortunately, the kids seemed to be even more nervous!  I'd be the same way if I were five and playing against boys and girls a foot taller!  They played only one other U6 team, the rest were U7, which was expected.

I was so proud of our team though!  They played hard all four games, stayed tough, and never gave up!

And also throw in a severe storm and several hour rain delay!

Here are the highlights....

We loved seeing all of Cru's crazy facial expressions throughout the day!

Back row: Beckett, Marah, Brady
Front row: Dmitry, Cole, Cru

It was a long day, but man, it was fun!  And we didn't even win one single game!  Definitely not for lack of effort, talent, or coaching!  We are just young and inexperienced at the competitive level.  I was so proud of our team!

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