Friday, August 1, 2014

I've slacked lately, but for valid reasons.....

So, what better way to "bring my blogging back" than with this (brace yourself!).....

Singing Sexy Back yet? :)

Yes, that would but the one and only Justin Timberlake!

I surprised Chet with tickets for his birthday.  I know what you're thinking....more of a gift for me than him.  You're right.  But in my defense, Chet is a fan.  Just maybe not an order-front-row-tickets-to-his-concert-that's-three-hours-away fan. 

I think he changed him mind once we were there though and saw that JT has other male fans ;)

When we first arrived, a security guard walked up to Chet and made a comment about him looking thrilled to be there, and after chit chatting for a bit, he said that later in his show JT would be performing right in front of us in the VIP section.  BOOM!

When that happened, part of the stage literally lifted to the ceiling while he was still performing!

 And then it rolled to the other side of the arena! 

My friend, who was in the VIP section, texted me this butt shot....

He's taking a selfie with a lucky fan.  And we are going to focus on his butt and overlook the fact that he's wearing girl sweats...WTH?!

Yes, my friend was that close.  Yes, she touched him.  She knows what I think of her ;)

 The stage rolling back to the front right above us....coolest thing I've ever seen at a concert!

It was seriously AMAZING!  I was actually kind of in shock....JT, really?  I just took it all in....while dancing, of course!  Now today, the day after, reality...JUSTIN FLIPPIN' TIMBERLAKE!!!!!

Thanks to Chet for being such a good sport!  He even took pictures for the groups of women around us. 

Could be my favorite pic of the night!  He offered.  Then they asked him to take more!  They apologized, and he told them it's nothing new :)  Love him!

And a special thanks to my parents for watching the kids!

Memories like this come once in a lifetime! 

Thank you, JT!

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