Thursday, August 28, 2014

Yesterday was a struggle.

Who am I kidding, it was hell.

The hustle and the bustle was just too much for me to handle.

Yesterday was also mine and Chet's anniversary....nine years.  We had a quiet dinner....because we were frustrated (he at me, me at me) 9:30pm.  As I sat there eating (my bland tetrazzini which I worked all damn day on to have ready so Chet could put it in the oven when we were at Cru's soccer practice, but preparing it involved cooking bits and pieces in between picking up Cru, lunch, dentist, picking up Reese, then back to dentist), Chet informed me that while I was gone snapping pictures of our almost eight year old....

(more to come on that and another reason we did not eat until LATE)

Cru's soccer coach walked down to our house (Cru had literally just finished practice, skipped supper, and was in the yard practicing) and awarded Cru his first patch - the first one on the team to receive one - for putting in extra work!

My heart burst!

All the bad that happened earlier in the day was forgotten; I was so happy.

Too bad the day was over and Chet was still angry with me, BUT it did help my attitude when I still had to get Reese's birthday treats ready for school the next day.

It's the little things.

Wondering about the patch system....

Cru and his teammates can earn patches (for their jerseys) when they accomplish what's listed.  It's new.  And it's brilliant!

Wondering about the dentist....the doctor, had nothing but good to report....

Dr. Yowell had nothing but good to report as well :)

Everlee did not have a check up, but she sure made her presence the midst of talking (NONSTOP!), she put up her hand, like hold up, and said (in her sassiest tone), "I DO NOT swim in my underwear..........oh wait!  Yes, I do!"

Tears of laughter from the doctor.  Tears of embarrassment from mama.

I'm so thankful today is a new day!

Make it a good one!

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