Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Oh how I'd love to someday get caught up on blogging, but I have a feeling that won't happen for a very long time! 

Life is crazy! I wouldn't trade it. Really, I wouldn't. But dang a little break would be nice! 

Cru has had one week...ONE...off from soccer since LAST SPRING!!! Yes, we signed him up, we made the commitment, but that's two practices a week for let's just say A LOT OF WEEKS! 

But he seriously LOVES every minute! He counts down the days until every practice. And he's learning a ton! He runs A LOT, however, never lacks in the energy department!

Everlee and I sweat a lot.

Between all the kids, we've spent many hours practicing and playing games up at Grant, but tonight we had a new first....


Oh my goodness! He was in HEAVEN! His focus has always been soccer and baseball, so I wasn't exactly sure what he'd think...now we are counting down the days until the next football practice!

I must note because I definitely DO NOT want to forget....

I've used A LOT of capital letters in this post!

Cru was asking questions about football earlier in the day, and he asked me if he had to wear his Chiefs helmet to practice. 

His KC Chiefs costume helmet!

I nearly died! I told him no, but we did need to get him a mouth guard.

Fast forward a few hours, Chet walked in the door to get ready for practice, "Hey, Dad! I need a lifeguard!"

No, we were not swimming!

Mouth guard....lifeguard....same thing....kind of. Not really.

One more thing before ending this random post....

Because I do not want to forget the amazing words that come out of these precious mouths!

Here is a conversation Reese and I had last week while she was taking a bath....

Reese: Why can't girls be pastors?
Me: Girls can be pastors.
Reese: Father {the priest at her school} said only men can be priests.
Me: Well, he's right....only men can be priests, but you could be a pastor at our church!
Long pause....
Reese: Welllll, I want to be the Pope!!!!

With that, set your dreams high!

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