Monday, March 31, 2014

The Rest of Christmas

Christmas posts are finally coming to an're welcome :)

Christmas Eve....

She always says, "Ty calls me Chevy Evee." ♥

My mom gave us adults "neck massagers" that basically just vibrated and jiggled your eyeballs haha!

A necklace for grandma that he picked out all by himself ♥

It was late when we left my parent's Christmas Eve night (luckily "Santa" worked on presents the day before).  We said good-bye to Polle (the one time kids are allowed to touch him) and set out cookies, milk, OJ, and carrots.

8:30 am Christmas morning, I'm just sitting on the couch twiddling my thumbs waiting for someone...anyone to wake up....

 Christmas day brunch at the Buchman's...

During Christmas break, my cousin and his family, who live in North Carolina, were visiting so we had several get's been years since we've seen them.  And we loved every minute of being together!

Bev and Bonnie's grandkids....cousins (minus spouses and Susan, who wasn't back from Boston until another gathering) - Kris, me, Megan, Ty, Andrew, Amy, and Emily

 Bev and Bonnie's great grandkids - Charlee, Reese, Cru, Anna, Everlee, Will, and Janie

Bev and Bonnie's grandkids (again minus Susan) plus spouses (we missd Audrey and Marissa) and kids - Ty, Andrew, Will, Cru, Me, Reese, Chet, Everlee, Carolyn, Kris, Anna, Amy, Megan, Janie, Charlee, and happy together!!!

Wish this happened more often!

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