Friday, March 14, 2014


I need someone to pull me out of this decluttering funk.  Fast.

A - I spend all this time focusing on one small area of the house all the while kids are completely destroying other areas.  I feel like I'm drowning.

I started on the garage....

I pulled every toy outside.  It was nearly 80 degrees.  That night, it snowed.  And Walmart carries no storage solutions, so I'm at a stand still.  I did collect 2 bags of trash!

B - Spring has maybe sprung...I'm treading lightly though.  I still think we'll get a snow in May. However, for the time being, the weather has been AMAZING!  And we have soaked up every minute of it!

 After pre-k lunch date with his buddies - Cru, Cole, Asher.

Cruisin' shirtless in the hood...yes, somehow they all ended up with the same cars!  Everlee, Reese, Cru, Jensen, Jaxon.  It's scary to think about all of them cruising the streets together at 16 :///

I'll share more about this guy whenever I post about Cru's birthday, but short story, he is Everlee's boyfriend and she insists on him going with us EVERYWHERE!  And he HAS to be carried just like this...of course, not carried by her.

I branched out making some new over the top couture headbands....

Forget the headbands, look at my girls!

Freeze!  No one grow up anymore!

And I send you off into the weekend with this....

Clearly, she was not helping me pick up her room!

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