Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Christmas Post

Say what???  I'm blogging?!  About Christmas?

The first of many Christmas posts.

Santa in the hood - one of my most favorite traditions!  We hosted it at our house this year.  Technically, we are not in "the hood" anymore but I had to ensure we were still invited friendship runs further than the streets of Foxfire :)

And I think it actually threw the kids for a loop having it at our house; no one asked about Santa!  They actually thought we were just gathering to play Christmas bingo!

But of course, we like to have more fun than just bingo (which actually was a lot of fun)!

We love our Santa!  His personality has come a long way in the past six years.  The kids ask him every year where his reindeer are at (he's getting good at answering that one), and this year they showed him Polle (Elf on the Shelf), and he was quick with responding to them about him too.  So thankful he continues to do this for us!  And thank goodness Reese did not call his bluff this year!

Our sweet Evee wanted to cry so bad while on his lap, but held it together like the tough cookie she is!

Front row - Hayden, Everlee, Karlie, Hunter, and Cole.  Back row - Reese, Reanna, Asher, Cru, Carter, and Mallorie.

As if having Santa stop by our house wasn't enough, later that evening we decided to go visit him at his sleigh....

Evee played it cool again, but boy did she was to run away as fast as her legs could go!

My parents and Charlee came with us....Charlee definitely let her fears be known!

We ended our evening with a tour of the live thought that was really cool!

Or at least it was cool unbuckling their seat belts and being an arm's length away from real camels!

More to come!

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