Tuesday, March 11, 2014

40 Bags Update

You'll probably see this title a lot over the next few weeks.

I already shared about Day 1 here.

Day 2 - Junk Drawer (1 bag of trash)

This took little to no time and felt SO good!

These little containers were in my bows area at one point.  They are stackable, but I did not find them functional when stacked, so I put them to the side hoping I'd have a use for them somewhere.

This next drawer is below our junk drawer.  It's home for phone chargers, ear buds, etc.  More containers used here as well, a couple even stacked :)

Day 3 - Bows & Bands work table

First let me note, I revamped and organized my work area this fall after my open house, and this is probably as organized as it'll ever be; it's actually very functional for me.

There probably doesn't appear to be a huge difference in the before and after, but I assure you, they're different - my table!  As I make projects, I start with one idea, which leads to another, which usually leads to another, and all those first failed attempts leave behind scraps and supplies that pile up, so it felt wonderful to sorting through all of it.  I feel so free now!

I didn't really fill a bag during this process, but it's still a success in my book!

Day 4 -

So, I'm blank on this one....I went shopping with one of my friends and picked up some organizers, and also came home and started pulling clothes from my closet....I think that counts for something ;)  My closet is going to be a big project that will probably take a while....I'm getting rid of everything!  Chet looked thrilled when I told him I was starting from scratch with my wardrobe!

Day 5 -

Another blank title.  I'll be honest, I didn't get a dang thing done.  I promise, I had good intentions.  But then my parents invited the kids and I to go to my brother's baseball game, and since we hadn't felt the warmth of the sun in FOREVER, we took them up on their offer.

And as soon as we got home from that, I met my friends for our freezer meal exchange, then my running trio ran seven miles.  I got home at almost 8:00pm, and I was exhausted!  We all were!

I accomplished nothing after that (except oversleeping Monday morning!).

Day 6 - Van plus some (1 bag of trash)

First of all, "plus some" is because of this....

Who's with me?

I don't know about anyone else, but our van accumulates more crap than anywhere else!  Everlee's in this phase where she brings a sack of "stuff" with her everywhere, Cru strips clothes and shoes off as soon as he's in there, and Reese clutters and trashes the way back like nobody's business!

And I'm just as guilty as all three of them letting receipts and trash pile up in the front!

Everlee and I worked our tails off washing, vacuuming, and trashing (in a good way)!

While we were at it and since it was 80 degrees (!), we started on part of the garage....another task that's going to take a while.  I sorted through some of last year's garage sale items that have just been sitting there and put them in a donate sack.

Baby steps, right?!

I also got sidetracked and somehow started working on the kids' bathroom while supper was baking and kids were playing in the back yard with Reese's neighbor friend.

This where my new organizers are being used!

I'm still happy I decided to do this, but it is definitely a challenge.  You know what is the hardest part???

Keeping it decluttered/organized!

**Running total**
Trash bags - 3
Garage sale/donate - 1
Total - 4

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