Thursday, March 27, 2014

Christmas Parties and Christmas Programs

Helping with school Christmas parties....always entertaining!

Brady and Bella....they basically posed like this until I took their picture :)

To say Ms. Becky has her hands full is a complete understatement!

Relays in daddy's (not our daddy) work funny to watch!

Cru wiped out right after this, but handled it like a champ! 

And when I was looking through pics, I noticed a little competitiveness...

I took pictures at Reese's party, but can't find them.  Trust me, a good time was had.
Onto programs....St. Joe's music teacher always does a wonderful job putting together such an impressive program for such a small school.  And Ms. Becky with preschool and pre-k...I don't know how she does it?!

Unfortunately, it was another year where Reese could not be seen.  Every once in a while, we knew she was there because we would see her head bobbin' just singing and dancing her heart out ♥

 Oh, and when I did get somewhat of a shot of her, this is what she gave me...

 Cru and Everlee's "floor" seats....

And I just had to giggle at Evee's tights!

Very proud of our little performers.  And just think, all three will be on stage next year!

Church program....well, I don't quite know what to say about this....

First, Lisa is a saint.  And does such a wonderful job with the kids.  But best of all, knows how to keep it short and sweet. 

Second, I was playing with camera settings because it was so dark (someone teach me how to use my camera indoors!  I refuse to use a flash!) and my pictures turned out horrible!


Such a cute cow....just to preface, his "fur" is a (itchy) carpet square...quit laughing!  And he is very particular about things that touch his skin.

Reese was a shepherd (she was walking behind the turquoise headed shepherd)..

And Everlee was an angel (bottom right...peek-a-boo).

It was probably only five minutes into the performance, and I moved to the back of the gym (to mess with the dang camera), and this is where all hell broke loose....Evee spotted Aunt Cheyna and Grandma Cheryl and Cru lost his carpet.  I nearly peed my pants, hence shaking body and blurry pics.

Never a dull moment!

I was actually going to delay this post and instead give you a rant....basically feeling sorry for myself.  I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed....drowning in a constant messy house, kids activities are rapidly picking up, half marathon is (only!) 30 days away and I don't really feel like putting the miles in to prepare, the constant crazy of busy season is about to hit hard, float construction kicks off, the list just goes on.  I literally stopped in my tracks and dreamed of having a couple days all to myself....I can't keep up.

And then last night, Cru called out for me minutes after going to bed.  He had a bad dream, he was in tears.  They were legit tears, but also he can turn them on pretty easily, but I told him I'd lay with him for a bit.  He was out in seconds, and as I felt his hand resting on my arm and listened to his soft breathes, I breathed myself.  Why do I let all that get to me?  When what really matters are those moments right then and there. 

Some day I will get caught up.....and no little feet will be following behind me making messes where I just picked up.  No one will need something just as I sit down.  Everyone will be big enough to wipe their own butts (hopefully!).  And I will be happy to see huge piles of laundry because that means kids are in the house!

So, consider yourself warned....the house will be messy if you come visit.  Don't judge!  But feel free to lend a hand :)

I leave you with cuteness....

These were with the Christmas pictures.....our house ♥'s music!

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