Saturday, January 4, 2014

With the ending of a new year and beginning of a new....

no, there's not a new me :)

Hopefully, an improved one!

Anyways, I've been looking back on 2013 and feeling mushy and grateful and sappy and happy...

I look at my family and I could just cry....and squeeze them and never let go!

Christmas break has been great!  We've been busy, probably too busy, but we've been together ♥  Makes me sad to see it end.

I decided to take the kids to spend their Christmas money as a fun last day of vacation activity!

No better place than Target!  At least in this mama's opinion!

But before we shopped, we ate at Bogey's.  Their choice, not mine believe it or not!

Frozen princesses, Onna and Elsa, joined us for lunch....

See little brother back there getting into big sister's purse....the orneriness never stops!

When I was cleaning up our lunch mess and helping Evee put on her coat, Reese and Cru waited by the claw machine.  And as I started walking towards them, a man I knew from Mcpherson (we were in Hutch and my guess is he had no idea who those cute kids standing at the machine belonged to), put quarters on the machine so the kids could play.

A few quarters meant the world to my kids, which meant the world to me.  Good people still exist.

A few quarters also turned into wasting $3 on that silly machine!  Reese could have spent all her Christmas money on that machine.

Once we finally got out of there, it was off to shop!

And after an hour of walking the toy aisles, sweating, listening to how much is this, how much is that, adding and subtracting, seeing double, paying on their own, it was time to get the hell out of there!


End result....

Reese spent every dollar plus a few more of her own basically on three stuffed animals...seriously??? Frozen Elsa, small walking horse, and a stuffed My Little Pony.

Cru had almost $10 left over after buying Ninja Turtle gloves that make noise, a sword, five race cars, and a Batman electric toothbrush.

And Evee spent every dollor on a two baby shopping cart and Doc McStuffins kit, which all she really wanted was the phone included in it :)

Then we came home and played and played!

It was a great way to spend our day.  Thankful Chet makes it possible for me to do these things with them.

So, as sad as I am that break is over, I'm looking forward to a new year.  No "new me" just an improved me....rather a more present me...

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