Thursday, January 2, 2014

Charlee's Pics

My sister in law's sister and mom asked me if I would take some pictures of Charlee to give to Ty and Audrey for Christmas.  I was happy to...but I'll admit, I was a little nervous.  Sure, I take pictures of Charlee all the time, but never like this.  So, one beautiful November afternoon, we went for it....

In love ♥♥♥

These railroad tracks are the same ones we took our pictures at....right behind our circle drive.

Chelsea bought Charlee the vest, and I rummaged through the girls' closet for the rest, we curled her hair, and rewarded her with a treat of her choice...m&m's.  It was so fun!  And Charlee was an absolute doll.  I was a little worried because she can be picky about her clothes, but when we were all done, she didn't want to take any of it off :)

And most importantly, she never spilled the beans to her least that I know of!

Chelsea gave them two large prints in frames that she painted and antiqued herself....AMAZING!!!  And the rest went in an album.

Merry Christmas, Ty and Audrey!

Love you, Charlee Mae!

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