Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Our {early} Morning

While the littles are still sleeping, I thought I would document our early morning....there's still lots of morning left.

Cru comes into our room....I want to sleep with you.  This is nothing new, and for a while, we didn't fight it, but we all sleep horrible, so we're putting an end to it.  So, I told him no, he asked just to sleep on the floor, I told him no again, crawled out of bed, and walked him back to his room.

When kids go into their parents room at night, why do they get right in their face, but don't say a word until the parent awakens by getting the crap scared out of them?  I don't get it...and yes, I did this to my parents too.  And why do they NEVER go to the dad's side of the bed???

So, 5:08, there he was staring me in the face....
Me: What are you doing now?
Cru: I have to go to the bathroom.
He goes.
I walk him back to his bed.
Cru: What's 10 + 10?
Me: 20
Cru: ok, thanks.

I hear someone crawling on our floor.  I ignore it...whatever, I'm tired.  I hear more crawling.  Then Everlee starts hollering about something.  I get up, scan the floor...it's dark, I see nothing, and proceed to Everlee's room.  I get Everlee situated, then look in Cru's room because his door is wide open and light on.  He isn't in there.

I head back to our room, look on the floor again.  He isn't there.  I start moving pillows and blankets around on the floor wondering WTH?  Where is he?

I walk back to his room....still not there.

I wake Chet up sort of panicked.  I debrief him on what's been going on for the past hour....funny how that works ;)  Everlee hollers again...her covers are messed up.  Still no Cru.  By this time, we are even looking in cabinets; I'm kind of starting to worry.  The front door was still locked and the rug was still pushed up again the back door, so we knew no one had went in or out.

Now, Everlee needs a drink.

Cru wasn't downstairs.

I went back into Everlee's room to check her closet.  He wasn't there.

While Chet was looking on our back sun porch, I double checked downstairs.....

I nearly cried.

I was so relieved to find him, I was so scared that something had happened, and I was so comforted in knowing how much they love each other.

My alarm will go off soon, but there is still time to crawl back in bed for a few minutes.  And just as I get comfortable....Evee.  Screw it...if I would have just said yes to Cru the first time, I would have avoided all that mess, so I went to her room, swooped her up, and brought her back to bed with me.

Alarms started sounding.  Then snoozing.  Sounding.  Snoozing.  Ok, I really need to get up.  Evee was sound asleep next to me, so I wiggled my way out of bed doing my bed not to disturb her, went down to wake Reese up, and the first thing she said to me was, "Cru said you wouldn't let him sleep in your bed."

Cru woke up at this time too, came upstairs with us, then disappeared again....

How can I be mad at this?

And this...

They are a team.

A team that will be cranky come late afternoon.

And better yet, a team that will go to bed very early tonight.

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