Friday, January 17, 2014

So here I am writing another post about Cru and his nasty sleeping habits....

I just got out of the shower; I am a night owl.  Chet had been sound asleep on the couch for hours, I walk out to the living room to shut lights and tv off and Chet's not on the couch....was he in bed and I walked right past him??  I walk back into our Chet.  Weird. I head towards the other side of the house where the Littles' rooms are at. I hear voices in Cru's room....there stands Chet and Cru....what's going on?

Cru wanted jammies...I'm guessing he came out of his room, and it surprised him to see daddy sleeping on the couch...usually it's mommy still up working.  He probably went back into his room, and started yelling for me :)

Chet goes to bed, I help Cru get dressed, then put him back in bed.

I'm awake looking at the iPad, and from our cracked door, I see the kitchen light come on. I figured it was Reese. She comes upstairs to get water fairly often...then I hear clanging. Reese never a makes a peep. I get's Cru....chugging Dr. Pepper (he's know to sneak drinks of any type of beverage left out on the least this time it was nonalcoholic). 
Me: What are you doing? (in my angry whisper!)
Cru: I couldn't find my water. (in his pouty with tears in his eyes voice, like I'm not supposed to be mad)
Me: Your water is right here (pointing to his seat at the table) where it's left every night! 
By now he has taken off sprinting for his room!
Me: (in my mean mommy angry whisper) You get back in that room and DO NOT come out AGAIN or you will be in VERY. BIG. TROUBLE.

I crawl back into bed and start venting to sleepy Chet...

Since I was basically talking to myself, I grabbed the iPad again....

I had finally fallen asleep at some point only to be awaken by our door opening then suddenly shutting.  I pop up....EVERLEE!

What in the hell???

She sprints to our bed, climbs up, and is shaking.
Me: Evee...what are you doing?
Her: Silence...lip quivering.
I was speechless....
Me: How did you get out of bed? (She's still in her crib.  She's too big for it, but we have enough troubles with Cru wondering the house at night, we aren't ready to add another to the mix.  She can climb in her crib, but she has never climbed out....until now.)
Evee: I climbed, and I pinched my finger.  (lip still quivering :()

I was still speechless...did she really climb out?  Why did she wake up?  Was she sick?

I decided to just have to her go potty, then take her back to her bed.  When we were in the bathroom, I heard noises.
Me: Was someone in your room?
Evee:  Cru.  He woked me up. 
Me:  Did he help you out of your bed.
Evee: He want to play, then leave me in there.

I carried her back to her bed, and woke Chet up along the way.  He gave Cru a stern lecturing.  When I put Evee back in her bed, sure enough, it was filled with new toys that weren't there when she initially went to that were in Cru's bed when he initially went to bed.

At this point, I was beyond frustrated!

I hear crawling on our floor.  I look....Reese.  Are you flipping kidding me?!
Me: What in the world are you doing??
Reese: My smoke alarm beeped.
Me: What? (I was trying really hard not to take my frustration with her brother out on her) Has Cru been in your room?
Reese: Yes.  Six times.

I walked Reese back down to her room.  The alarm seemed fine.

Why is Cru doing this??? 

We have issues with him turning on his light after we tuck him in and shut the door.  He falls asleep with it on, then the brightness eventually wakes him up.  I also think he does stuff in his sleep.  I've caught him before just sitting in bed, and I've asked him what he's doing, and he continues to just sit there without acknowledging me, and he was asleep the entire time.  I also think he talks himself into being scared of things. 

I'm not sure where we go from here....

To take a nap?  Wouldn't that be nice!
Actually, our next move is probably putting together Everlee's big girl bed....she just woke up and appeared in the living room all by yelling at me to get her out of her bed.
We are about to become a crib-free house.....

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