Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Basketball Saturdays

I know it won't be long before our weekends will consist of traveling, bleacher sitting, cheering, and ballin'....with multiple children :/// 

And while I can't wait for that, I am perfectly content spending our basketball Saturdays this way....

Morning games at the Y....

Daddy caught this action shot of Reese making a basket!  She's come so far since last year!

Afternoon games cheering on the Jayhawks....

Evening games in Topeka watching Aunt Casyn....

We've kind of become professional Washburn shirt snatchers!

And where else do you get half time entertainment like this!

And sometimes you have to dedicate more than just a Saturday to basketball.  And if that's the case, I'd better be here.....

Allen Field House - aka basketball heaven!

Where I can high five some of my most favorite people!

Seldon be like, "Who's the crazy, old chick high fivin' and taking pictures?"  Me!!!

And Perry be like, "Wait, haven't I seen you before?"  Yep!!!

 Yes, I hung in the tunnel and high fived them all....three times!  No shame in my game!

 I just hope my love for basketball Saturdays continues for many, many years to come no matter how much traveling, bleacher sitting, and cheering we do!

**Short posts about random happenings is my inadvertent way of avoiding long holiday posts :)**

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