Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thankful Tree

Since Reese is out of school all next week, I have been searching for fun activities/crafts for us to do in honor of Thanksgiving. One thing I came across was a thankful tree. I can't even remember where I found it, but it caught my attention because 1)it was FREE and 2)it involved hunting, cutting, writing, and thinking! Because it is somewhat of a decoration and a craft we can continually work on each day leading up to Thanksgiving, I thought we'd get started on it right away!

So, first we set out hunting for sticks!

Reese thought this was so cool! We walked around the area behind our house and also the open field next to our neighbor's house.

Everlee enjoyed the scenery!

Once we had collected enough sticks, we headed back inside to put them in a vase (which was another attraction I had to this project - no watering to keep anything alive!).

I drew squares on the scrapbook paper for the kids to cut out. Another part that Reese loved and Cru, well, he just loved the fact that I actually let him hold a pair of scissors!

Once we had several squares cut out, they began writing what they are thankful for on them, then we hung them on the branches!

Everlee kept herself entertained!

Reese has gotten really into it....yesterday morning she wrote that she was thankful for pop tarts because she got to eat one for breakfast only because we ran out of milk!

I have really enjoyed doing this with the kids! Reminds us how truly blessed we really are!

And speaking of thankfulness, I am SO THANKFUL for a potty trained little boy!

Also thankful for being able to play outside shirtless in mid November!

Last week, something clicked! Big time! He totally gets it now! He has been accident free for quite some time INCLUDING POOP!!! This is huge! He actually poops int he toilet! We are so proud of him!

And one other thing I'd like to note since this post is about Thanksgiving......last week the Thanksgiving Fairy (aka - my parents) left a surprise at our house!

Apparently, she shops at Pottery Barn....haha!

She brought the kids a fun Thanksgiving book.....

and stuffed turkey.....

that we have enjoyed reading and playing with during these days leading up to this wonderful holiday!

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