Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Wow! So, I'm not even sure where to begin.....so we're going to do this bullet point style!

  • Pre-K Dress Up
Reese got to bring her Cat in the Hat costume to school last week and had fun dressing up with all of her friends!

Penguin (Mallorie), Cat in the Hat (Reese), and Captain America (Carter)

  • Trick-or-Treat down Main Street
This happens every year the week of Halloween. The kids get to dress up and go trick-or-treating to all the down town businesses. Back when I was a kid (wayyyy back when), we used to parade down the street before trick-or-treating.....wonder what happened to that part of it? There's also a carnival and costume contest, but we usually avoid all that because there are SO MANY KIDS! My mom did remind that the year I was Little Bo Peep, I won the contest! That was also the year that I screamed and cried and threw the biggest fit when my mom used her eye liner to draw freckles on my face.....guess the torture paid off!

I seriously died laughing at Thing 1 all night....I could not contain myself seeing him in that wig!

She was just so stinkin' cute!

  • Cleaning Lady
Wow, what a wonderful treat to have your house cleaned for you! We walked inside, and Reese said, "Holy cow, what happened to our house?! That cleaning lady is awesome!!!" It smelled and looked A-MAZING! But go figure, minutes after returning home, Cru peed ALL over me and the bathroom, and Miss Evee left her finger prints where ever she pleased!

  • Un-fall-like-weather
We have been spending as much time outside as we can soaking up this lovely, lovely weather!

Along with playing, we've also enjoyed being able to still attend Aunt Cheyna's soccer games!

  • Just Because.....

  • Everlee's Baptism
We are so thankful for our little Evee! God brought her into our lives a little unexpectedly, but He knew exactly what He was doing. What an amazing gift she is!

This dress is so special to our family - my Grandma Reese, who was such an amazing woman, made my mom's wedding dress, and unbeknownst to my mom, she saved some the material then made and surprised my parents with this christening dress when I was baptized. Reese wore it when she was baptized, and now Everlee. And hopefully, it can continued to be passed down.

We named all of our siblings as Everlee's Godparents....how blessed is she?!

Everlee looked like she wanted to just dive right into the water, and Reese giggled the who time at her; it was priceless!

Then she was sealed with the cross and marked as a child of God FOREVER!

We are so thankful for our wonderful families who shared her special morning with us. Unfortunately, Uncle Ty was sick and Aunt Casyn had a basketball game so they were not able to be with us.

Pinky ring from the Buchmans....Reese has one and also wore it when she was baptized.

What an awesome way to spend a Sunday morning!

Then she was out!

  • Halloween 2011

I LOVED how the kids' costumes turned out this year! I was able to make them, except for Reese's hat. And the best part, they were comfortable! Less whining!

Except for the wig! That wig! Cru pretty much refused to wear it Halloween night.....

But when he did, true Thing 1 came out.....

That wig seems to bring out the Thing 1 in everyone.....

We took the kids to visit Great Grandma Mary.

Then, we went to Grandma Linda's. Grandpa had a little something better to do.....go to the Chiefs game!

And finally, our last stop of the evening was Grandma Cheryl's! The kids had a blast handing out candy and seeing all the different costumes!

A lot going on! But I am so grateful for all the crazy chaos that I call LIFE!

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