Saturday, October 12, 2013


What the what.....three days in a row of blogging?!?!

I miss it.  And I hate falling so far behind, so I'm making a conscious effort to keep up.  Not sure how long it will last....

This morning, I went on a field trip to the fire station with Cru's class.  Thank you, Grandma Cheryl for watching Evee!

The kids toured the station, learned about all the many different trucks at our station, learned about the gear, and were entertained by, Patches.

Oh, and when we first arrived, we were given instructions on what to do if they get an emergency call....I never thought it would actually happen, but probably 20 minutes later, it did!  We all had to form a line against the wall until the all clear was given.

Cru is in the phase where he wants to be the first to raise his hand despite not knowing all the answers....thankful to capture this moment!

Their trip to the fire department was followed by a pizza party!!

Cru has always been the most challenging of our kids, so I tend to think he's this untamable kid and I feel completely sorry that his teacher or anybody else that has to put up with him.  But then, I go to things like today (and mass a couple weeks ago), and the little guy proves to me that he really isn't all that bad.  He's definitely all boy, but he does what he's told (most of the time), uses his manners, and is respectful.  And I couldn't be more proud!

As great as the day started, it ended on a good note as well!

We attended the high school football game to watch Reese perform at half time.  The high school cheerleaders hosted a cheer and dance clinic last Saturday, and tonight, they showed off what they learned.

I never know what Reese's attitude is going to at these things....she acts like she's not excited, but yet goes out there and works it!  Very proud of her tonight!

Growing up :(((  Growing up so much that her and her friend insisted on going to the concession stand all by themselves!  Reese was actually hesitant about going without one of us, but Addie said, "I know where the concession stand is at, just hold my hand!"

The girls each took $1 to buy a sucker.  Time passed, one grandparent returned who had taken little brother to the concession stand, no girls, another grandparent returned with another little brother, no girls.  Oh my, getting worried.  Chet went looking.  As soon as he left, here they come.  Reverse, missed our section.  They arrived with a twix....the concession stand was out of suckers, the girls only had $2 between them, so they bought something they could split, then each took a quarter of the $.50 change.  Foreshadowing that when Reese doesn't come home at curfew, she's probably just being considerate of her friends and doing what's right??  Probably not, but I'm going to start praying for that now.

This is the phase we are in now though....dilemma at the concession stand and field trips to the fire station.....

if only we could freeze time, I'd take this phase forever.....

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