Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Charlee Mae turns 3!

It literally seems like yesterday when our sweet niece/cousin, Charlee Mae, was born.

Now she's 3!!!  And going to be a big sister!!!!!!

Her actual birthday was on a Monday, and our kids were out of school that day, so I thought it would be fun to take a road trip to El Dorado and spend some time with Charlee on her actual birthday.

Our original plan was to meet Ty and Charlee at the baseball field and let the kids play for a while before meeting Audrey for lunch.  But it ended up being pretty rainy that day, so we met Ty at the indoor practice facility.  Ty and Cru played baseball, while the girls ran around hitting each other with football pads.  They had a blast!

Before leaving, Ty took the kids to his office, the basketball court, and to see the grizzly bear (Butler's mascot costume, which was just lying on the counter, but the kids were deathly afraid :))  And when we said it was finally time to go eat lunch, Cru whispered to me that he wanted to skip lunch and just stay with Ty.  He loves doing all things boy, so spending that time with Ty was extra special to him.  Hope they can do it again!

Lunch was yummy!  And the kids all behaved so well.  But then it was time to say good bye.

Charlee went back to the sitters and I took my kids to Wichita to birthday shop for Charlee, who was having her party that weekend.  I think they were all happy knowing they would see each other again that weekend.

Charlee's party was an adorable pink Batman theme.  The kids enjoyed a bounce house, giant bubbles, cake, and presents!

Everlee LOVES her Aunt Audrey, but that day, I think she loved Charlee's ponies just a smidge more :)

The day before Charlee's party, we went to a craft fair, and I got these handmade bow and arrows for my kids, and I decided to get one for Charlee as well....

All the kids seemed to really enjoy playing with it.  And I told my brother, if the new baby ends up being another girl, maybe one of his girls will want to hunt with him :)  And then later that evening, my sister-in-law sent me this pic....


We love you so much, Charlee Mae!

Hope your day was as special as you are!  You are beautiful and going to be an amazing big sister ♥

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