Thursday, October 17, 2013

It was bound to happen.  Quite frankly, I'm kind of surprised it took this long.  I am, however, not surprised it happened to Cru.


We had our first trip to the ER when Reese put a piece of plastic wrap up her nose.  And now, we've had our first bat with stitches.

Here's how it all went down....

The kids (Cru and Everlee) and I had just arrived back home from running a quick errand after lunch, and I told them that I was going to switch out the end table upstairs with the one downstairs, so they ran downstairs to wait for me as I cleaned off the one upstairs.  It wasn't minutes later I heard this horrible scream come from Cru.  You know, The Scream.  I went flying down the stairs, and he was holding his throat saying he had hit it.  I moved his hands and saw blood and a gash on his chin.  I quickly grabbed a wet towel and cleaned it off, then called Chet.

No answer.

Called my dad and said something like how do you know if a cut needs stitches?  His response, "I'll be right there."

Called Chet again.

No answer.

Then, I texted my dear friend, Melisa (who is PA) this picture.....

Poor thing, she always gets my medical questions.  And graciously always helps me.

She said that he'd need stitches, then asked if I wanted her to do it or take him to the ER.  When I asked Cru, he said he wanted Melisa at the little hospital (aka doctor's office) not the big hospital.  Don't blame you, buddy!

I text Chet the same picture and said we were headed to the doctor.

No reply.

Melisa met us in the front lobby and took us back to one of the "sterile" rooms.  After examining it, she confirmed the best solution was stitches.

I should note, every time anyone said the "s" word (stitches), Cru would sob and beg for just a big bandaid. 

Oh yeah, I called Chet again.....

You guessed it, no answer.  At this point, I knew it was my job to get Cru through this, but I was just frustrated that I couldn't even get ahold of him to tell him what was going on.

While Melisa finished up with her other patients, Nurse Evee entertained us.....

 And Cru would not let go of my hand....

When it was time to get started, Cru freaked!  No words would calm him down.  He even tried escaping.  We tried to distract him with Ninja Turtles....

 not happenin'!

We needed back up....grandpa held his head, I practically laid on his chest to hold his arms down, and a nurse held his legs.  Pretty sure we all went deaf during this time.  My dad just kept talking to him trying to calm him down, but he continued to scream and cry.  At one point, while making that horrible slurping noise you make when you are continually crying hard for a long period time and can't catch your breath, he said, "You're hurting me, Melisa."  That's all I could take; my heart broke for him, my heart broke for Melisa.  I just closed my eyes, tuned him out, and prayed it would be over soon.

And then....

 It was like he was in a trance.  I've never seen him lay so still.  I asked if he wanted to try to watch Ninja Turtles again, and he told me he just wanted to close his eyes.

 Two stitches....and sleeping??

No, he wasn't sleeping, but he sure was relaxed.  And exhausted, so I thought it would be a fairly quiet evening at home.

Not so much!

He literally went running and skipping out of the office.  And was wound for sound the whole rest of the night!  And the kids at church thought it was the coolest thing ever!

A big thank you to Grandma Cheryl for answering her phone during her hair appointment and picking Reese up from school!

Once we were home, I asked Cru to walk me through what happened.  As he was running to the bathroom downstairs, he ran into our wet bar counter and actually hit right under his throat.....

which then made him fall and hit his chin on the counter, then fall to the ground.  The spot where he first hit seems to be the sorest.

I'm am just so thankful he's ok!  And so thankful for those that were available to help me when I needed it.

Oh, and thankful school pictures were in the morning :)

And as far as how he was doing the next day....

 ornery as ever, like nothing had happened!

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