Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy Love Month ♥

Can you believe it's February???  Ahh, the love month ♥  Also, the birthday month for the littles!  Which means it'll fly by just as fast as January :(

I took some pictures of the girls on one sunny January afternoon modeling some of my Valentine headbands, so I thought I'd share.  They posed, I snapped, no fighting, no bribing, and Coy and Cru insisted on being in every picture!

Rhonda, if you're reading, these are the pictures Little Miss Model wanted me to send you!


Most people comment on Everlee's eyes being different, and you can really notice it in the next picture....I love them so much!

Seriously???  The cuteness is killing me!!!

I think the one above would have been my favorite if I would have payed closer attention to that nasty hanging plant :(  Even if I would have moved it and tried to retake the pic, their looks just wouldn't have been this perfect.

This next sequence of three pictures is hilarious!

Oh, Evee!!!  Such a hoot!

So many different photo opportunities in our new backyard!

We love Coy....

And Grandpa Rod's personal favorite....

Thank you, my loves for all the wonderful pictures!

Happy Love Month ♥

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