Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy ♥ Day!

We kicked off Valentine's festivities on Tuesday with Reese's class party.  It's really hard thinking of cute Valentine's that don't involve candy.  This is what we came up with this year...

They read, "'re a star in my eyes."

And she gave her teacher flowers...

Super cute, easy twist on a plain vase of flowers.

Evee and I helped with her party.  Everlee always makes herself feel right at home where ever she goes.

The moms that were in charge of the games did a fantastic job!

Heart puzzles...

 Hersey kiss relay....

Chop stick/conversation heart fun...

The game took some concentration...

There was a little bit of strategy to it, and once Reese figured it out, she kicked butt!

Everlee sat very patiently eying the candy....and stealing Josiah's chop sticks!  He was so sweet to her though.  Even showed her how to play.

Eventually, her patience paid off!

Thankful to spend the morning with my big girl!

And the kids had a blast! Cru joined when he got out of school.

I signed up to help with Cru's party too, which was on actual Valentine's Day.  Reese didn't have school that day, so I had two extra helpers!

But before the party, the girls enjoyed a special treat that Daddy left for them (Cru missed out because Mommy overslept!).

 They also found some other goodies that awaited them!

I failed at the non-candy treats for Cru's classmates... 

But I could care less because look how cute these are!!!  Not to mention easy!  Probably my new go-to valentine.

His class may be ornery, but dang, they are cute!!!

Once again, Evee felt right at home....

Prying her away from those babies proved to be very difficult!

Let the games begin!!!


My child LOVED the balloons!  And I think every child loved when it was time to pop them in exchange for a piece of candy!!!

They finished up with duck, duck, goose valentine, valentine, candy!

I am very thankful, yet again, that I was able to spend my morning at school with these kiddos!  Such sweet times!

After school, we hurried down town to surprise Daddy with balloons!

The kids picked out what they wanted to give him: Reese - KSU, Cru - baseball, but it was all out, then he picked football, and Evee - Scooby Doo.

We had a wonderful rest of the day complete with surprises and goodies from grandmas and grandpas!

 Can't think of any other little valentines I'd rather spend my day with ♥♥♥

Even if they do drive me just a tiny bit crazy!!!

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