Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Evee is 2!

Made me so sad thinking of our sweet lil' Evee turning another year older.  Why does it feel like our days are so long, yet the years are so short???

I decided to try to snap a few pictures of her the day before her birthday.  We started in the backyard, when she thought the balloons were fun!  She posed, she smiled, then mama realized her camera settings were wrong and the sun was behind her....ugh! 

And then she was done!  Like totally done!  I should have just payed attention to the signs, but no, I pushed the limits.  The weather was gorgeous, we had these fun balloons, so why not go exploring around the railroad tracks by our house?

Major fail!

All of a sudden, she was deathly afraid of the balloons.  Wouldn't hold them, didn't want them near her, screamed whenever they were, it was awful!  I lost my patience.  It was stupid.  All over pictures.  Cru screamed a cried along with her.  Wonder what the new neighbors thought???  Oh well, nothing I can do about it now....not even laugh about it.

Reese was my big helper...trying to make her smile, coaxing her towards the balloons, and of course, looking oh-so pretty in her "party" dress!

Oh yeah, and did I mention it was nearly two hours past nap time?  Bad mommy!  Of course, my only thought was that I could try again the next day.

But I didn't!

It was a little cooler and windier on her actual birthday.  I knew better than to put her through that again.  Plus, the balloons still freaked her out. 

We spent the morning playing until it was time to pick Reese up from school....

She's 2, and she's sassy!

While out and about, we picked up some birthday treats (we were saving cake for the weekend).  Cru chose blueberry muffins and cookies from The Cake Lady.

We sang to her after lunch....

She loved it!  And also sang to herself :)

 Party got a little crazy when birthday girl started chuggin' juice!

After nap time and church, we really celebrated with chips, salsa, and margaritas!!!  Our two-year-old knows how to party!

She's like, "Don't you dare, amigo!"

So, Aunt Cheyna says, "Me, me!!"

We had a lot of volunteers, but Everlee continued to say, "I don't want hat!" ALL NIGHT LONG!!!

She sure enjoyed the free desert, though!

We had a few more treats at home and a little Skyping with Grandma Cheryl, Aunt Chancey, and Baby Cutler, then it was present time!

This must be a good one...

Like I said before, we had hopes to celebrate more on the weekend with my parents since my mom had class the night of her birthday and my dad was sick, but plans didn't quite work out.  Luckily, Everlee had no clue.  She finally did open presents from my parents when my dad was well enough, and she also received some sweet deliveries from Chet's family and Ty, Audrey, and Charlee.

Our girl is loved ♥

Just a little update on what she's up to at two years old.....

Sleeps great!
Takes one long nap a day.
Eats great!
Gets very serious and shy around unfamiliar faces.
She's so much like her sister, it's crazy!  But has just enough of her brother's orneriness to keep us on our toes.
LOVES BABIES!!!! Loves to cuddle them, feed them, change them, talk to them....LOVES THEM!
She talks and talks and talks.  Then talks some more!
Insists on doing everything the big kids do!
Can almost count better than her brother ;)
Loves to sing!
Loves to dance!
She runs fast.
Very expressive with her eyebrows.
She drinks warm milk every night before she goes to bed....in a bottle.  Never drinks from a bottle at any other time.  I guess that's one way she can still be my baby.
The plan was to take her sassies (pacis) away when she turned two...things don't always go as planned.
I have no idea what her stats are because I just realized today I missed her well check appointment.

We hope your day was as special as you are, Evee!!  We love you more than words can say, and we are thankful you aren't old enough to realize we didn't throw you a party...someday you'll get one!  I promise!

 Speaking of parties....little man is up next.....

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