Thursday, February 21, 2013

Go Fight Win

Just before Christmas break, Reese ran out of school suuuper excited, hopped in the van, and said, "I brought home something reeeealy girlie and super fun!"

It was time for another cheer clinic!

Apparently, Reese's friend, Reanna, was excited too!

Little sister was in charge of videoing...

She thinks she's big girl, ya know!

I have a feeling she'll love these clinics as much as big sister!  She yelled, "Go, Fight, Win!" (arm actions and all) from afar, and it took somewhat of a full body restraint to keep her off the floor!

A few days after the clinic, they performed at the high school basketball game.  She seemed a bit nervous beforehand saying her tummy hurt, shedding a couple tears, and claiming she didn't know the dance.  But, thankfully, the nerves lasted about two seconds!

I told her to go out there and shake what her mama gave her!  You should have seen the look she gave I was crazy or something!  Seriously, the girl has moves, just a little shy about showing them off.

Reese's friends, Ellie and Addie

Make your Daddy happy and keep those moves private....FOREVER!!

Love you, sweet girl!  So proud of you!   

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