Friday, May 11, 2012

Soccer: FINAL WEEK!!!

Our final week of soccer finally arrived!

Day one went well. Or maybe I was just seeing the light at the end of the tunnel....we made it to the end.

Cru and Coach Damon, who was amazing! Both of his coaches were, and we truly appreciate their patience and energy they had each week!

Cru and Coach Sam

The evening wasn't without it's frustrations, but at least we had no puking on the field!

Time to watch Reese and her friends!

Mallorie, Reese, and Addi

Ellie and Reese

At some point, Reese decided she loved playing goalie. Not sure if it was because she wanted to be like Coach Molly....

or because she got to be lazy and do lots of cheering???

She did very well despite her reasoning.

Addi and!

Day two of our final week I took no pictures. I actually missed the whole thing! Remember back during week three when I said I was supposed to have a hair appointment the same night we had a gazillion other things going on? Well, I rescheduled my appointment, and it was on the last night of soccer. I hated to miss, but my hair takes priority! I kindly asked Chet to take my camera, but that was shut down very quickly.

Good thing Mindy is a picture-lovin' mama like myself and took these!

Cru admiring his medal!

Reese, Cru, and Asher

Asher and Cru

Reese, Mallorie, and Carter

Carter and Asher Allen, Mallorie, Cole, and Karlie Cooper, Reese and Cru Buchman :)

Wow, we made it! Wasn't sure we would, at times. I will admit though, when the following Tuesday rolled around and we didn't have to scramble around getting shin guards and shoes on and we didn't head out to the fields for an evening of whining and water breaks, I kind of missed it.

Good thing t-ball starts next week!

Very proud of my champions!

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