Tuesday, May 15, 2012

After Tax Season Trip to the Zoo 2012

Hard to believe it's been a month since tax season ended! Which means it's been a month since our trip to the zoo. Wow, time flies....except not during tax season.....funny how that works out.

This year's trip was perfect! I can't even describe how much fun Reese had! I can't wait to take her again this summer. Cru was quite confused by the word zoo, but it's understandable since he hadn't been since six weeks old (we missed last year). He enjoyed it, but I also think he was a bit overwhelmed. He kept repeating, "What animal we see next?" And Everlee, well, she was a typical mobile toddler and wanted to do everything the big kids did!

Someone's excited!

Someone's not!

Big girl!

Reese spotted this longhorn and immediately asked if it was a longhorn like what her teacher loves, so this pictures was for Ms. Becky.

Reese's favorite (and probably one of my favorite pictures of the day!).

Miss Evee not sitting still!

Taking a break from the animals for a little play time.

Look at his legs?!

Yes, he's as ornery as he looks!

Yes, she's as sweet and as happy as she looks!

Yes, I love her more than she will ever, ever understand!

Out before leaving the parking lot.

Couldn't have asked for a better day!

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