Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Soccer: Week 4

Week three was not without it's drama.....

Day one of week three I forgot my camera! My excuse - soccer, pre-school and kindergarten round up, and Chet's office party.....ALL in one evening! I was supposed to get my hair cut that night too!

Day two of week three.....Chet was home in time to help me get the kids to the field! Hallelujah! When we got to the fields, he took Cru duty first, which meant I actually got to watch Reese!

It had only been about 20-30 minutes since they started, and I hear someone behind me yelling, "Mom! Mom!" I turn around and see Cru running towards me and Chet and Everlee following behind. "I just frowed up!"


"I just frowed up!"

I guess there's worse places to puke in public.

And apparently, bananas and orange juice (and some other snacks) before soccer do not sit well with the little man's tummy.

We decided it was just best to take him home because at that point, we didn't know yet if he was actually sick or not. So, Everlee and I enjoyed watching big sis the rest of the time!

She may tend to do a little more cheering than playing, but that's part of why I'm so proud of her!

Her snapping cheer after her teammate scored!

She's growing up way too fast for my liking!

A little duck, duck, goose to end the evening.

She thinks she's sneaky!

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