Thursday, January 19, 2012

Poor Reesey

Our poor Reesey had to spend the evening in the ER on Wednesday.

I've noticed her visiting the bathroom quite frequently lately, which is so unlike her. The girl has a very regular pee schedule - when she wakes up, after lunch, and before bath. She drinks a normal amount, I just think she has a bladder of steel like her mama :) She's even been waking up during the night to go.

On top of that, she has been acting really tired/sluggish/grumpy/fatigued. And to me, she's looked really skinny lately.

So, I've been nagging to Chet that I think something might be wrong. Well, something was definitely wrong.

After I picked her up from school on Wednesday, she told me she pottied at school, which she said she never does. As the day went on, I noticed she had went a few times. Then, while we were playing downstairs, she went, then went again like two minutes later. It was soon time for her to get ready for dance class, so I told her to go to the bathroom, like I do every week. She went. Shortly after, as we were walking out the door, she started screaming that she was about to pee her pants. She went to dance and when I picked her up, she told me she went potty at dance (which later in the ER she told me she went three times at dance.....three times in 45 minutes!).

As we drove away from her dance teacher's house, she started screaming again that she had to go. At that point, I called the doctor. Of course, it was 4:55, so I had to leave a message. We flew to my parent's house so she could go.

Then we headed to church, and during the two minute drive across town, she had to go again. She ran into the church crying :( I was trying as fast as I could to get Everlee out of the van (thank goodness my dad had Cru!), and when I finally got inside, she had a team in the bathroom helping her....bless their hearts. You know, of all days for this to escalate, it was on dance class day, so the poor thing had to rip her leotard and tights off about 50 times.

We were only at church for about five minutes, and in that five minutes she went to the bathroom twice. We loaded up to go home, and she had to go yet again, so we made a hop, skip, and a jump across a couple parking lots to Chet's office......that quiet accounting office wasn't so quiet when she went running in there. At that point, I was getting scared for her, so I decided it was time to just go to the ER.

We spent our entire evening there to sit on the toilet and basically find out nothing.

No infection showed in her urine, so they sent it off for cultures, which we are still waiting to hear back on. Her blood sugar was normal, which was definitely good to hear. They also gave her medicine to help calm the urge to go.

I thought it would be a very long night, but she slept well. It did her good! She seemed better today, but is still going potty very frequently. It picked up again this afternoon, and by supper time, she was very upset. She just kept saying she wanted to pee like everyone else.....breaks my heart.

We are hoping for some results and answers tomorrow. In the meantime, please keep our girl in your prayers.

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