Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Display of random pictures

Dumb title, but true.

Not that we've really had a lot going on lately, but I seem to have stumbled upon quite a few pictures I haven't shared :)

My Bows & Bands business has been going great lately, and just recently Everlee modeled a bitty snap clip for me......LOVE!

Sisters ♥

Everlee got an early birthday present from Mommy and Daddy.....a big girl carseat! She reached the weight limit of her infant one some time ago, so when I stumbled upon a great Black Friday deal, I jumped on it!

It passed with flying colors on the first ride!

The next picture is from New Year's Eve.....typical Everlee - a blow out and eating something she shouldn't be.

When the two little ones woke up from their naps on New Year's Day, it was still relatively nice outside, so we took Cru out to practice on his new bike.

Typical Cru - he got a bit discouraged and frustrated!

Reese was out with us too, but was busy riding with the neighbors!

Rock chalk, baby!

The outfit Everlee is wearing is a hand-me-down; my cousins gave it to Reese. I just love it! And every time I picture Reese wearing these clothes and think they couldn't get any cuter, I see them in a whole new light and it just melts my heart all over again.

One day while I was cleaning up after lunch, I realized Everlee wasn't at her usual spot - my feet! I didn't see her playing with Reese and Cru either, so I asked Reese if she knew where she was at. Reese said that she was behind the couch. As I walked towards the couch, I heard a lot of crinkling....there she was! With a whole stash of candy canes!!!

Playtime with Charlee Mae!

Cru-dog living up to his nick name!

We have been so fortunate to be able to spend quite a bit of time outside this winter! One afternoon, while the kids were playing out back, Reese yells that Cru needs help.....

Yes, I believe he does! This kid! His new favorite thing is to pee outside, but he hasn't quite figured out how to do it on his own!

Christmas at Dirt Cheap with Chimney!!!

Someone in our house has a new trick, and it's not Everlee! Reese can now do a somersault! I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but to Reese, as well as us, this is huge!

You see, Reese's biggest fear is being up side down! Doesn't want anyone to flip her and refuses to even try a somersault, even in dance class when all of her friends do one! However, something clicked the other afternoon!

Reese kept acting like she wanted to try one, but when I would try to help her, she'd pout, throw a fit, and chicken out. After quite some time of encouraging her and she watching Cru flip right over like it's no big deal, I might have bribed her just a little bit with some juice (a rare treat at our house!). She was determined....for juice! I kept yelling (in an encouraging way) to keep her head tucked tight to her chest, then she just rolled!! It was awesome! We screamed and jumped and hugged! I was so proud!!! She wanted to make sure ALL of our family members knew of her new accomplishment, especially her Grandma Norma!!!

And to wrap up this display of totally random pictures, here are a few more of our January, jacket-less outdoor adventures!!!

If you stuck this one out to the end, thank you!!!

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