Monday, January 23, 2012

Great friends + Abuelos + Scotty McCreery + The Band Perry + Brad Paisley = One Amazing Night!

My big Christmas present to Chet this year was tickets to the Brad Paisley concert! Yay!!!! Merry Christmas to me too!!!! I wanted to get him tickets last year when he was here, but I bailed on dropping that much money. (Chet has always said that if I want him to go to a country concert, it has to be someone big and we have to have good seats.) However, this year, when I found out last year's American Idol winner, who just so happens to be our family favorite, Scotty McCreery, was going to be there, I did not hesitate what so ever dropping a pretty penny on some tickets.

Our friends, Chris and Mindy, had tickets as well, so we decided to make a whole evening out of it and enjoy some yummy dinner before the concert.

First up, Scotty!

Our family seriously LOVES him, so we thoroughly enjoyed listening to him! And for being a 17 year old high schooler who just won American Idol, we thought he did an awesome job of performing and working the crowd.

I think he sees me....haha!

Next up was The Band Perry. They were so good as well. I really didn't know very many of their songs, but I definitely sang along to If I Die that one!

And finally, Mr. Brad Paisley!

My love for him was rekindled after that night! His show was beyond great! He was such an awesome performer, and the way he played his guitars.....aaaaa-mazing!!!!

At one point, Scotty sang with him.....

The lead singer for The Band Perry also sang with him, as well as Carrie Underwood.....kinda. Their duet Remind Me started, and everyone cheered so extremely loud when they heard her voice and when the thought they saw her.....when the song was over, it was just her on a screen. Still so amazing!

I think I've said amazing a lot in this post....haha!

While singing and playing his guitar, Brad made his way around the whole arena. He stopped in the center to play some songs.

He was coming down our side as he made his way back to the stage, so I decided to b-line it to the front row! Here he comes!

Ahhh, look how close!!!

I'm right down here for pete's sake!!!!

There were only three people separating us!

Next concert, I will pay for front row seats!

All three performers totally blew me out of the water! So happy we were able to go and so thankful to my parents for watching the kids and handling Reese while she was still dealing with her issues.

And so thankful to share the evening with some great friends!!!

The only un-amazing thing about the night was taking pictures with my point-and-shoot....sorry for the terrible quality.

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