Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Day Picture-palooza

Everlee was the first one up on Christmas 8:30! Reese crept up the stairs just before 9:00 and yelled, "He came! Santa came!!!" Then she ran across the living room and yelled, It's Jesus' birthday!" Love that! She rushed into Cru's room to wake him up so he could share in her excitement; he was a bit grouchy. I video taped all that, but no pictures.

Lets get this party started!

This cowboy hat was by far my best find while Christmas shopping! Not only do they all love it, it was only $1.99!

Cru's personalized Dora book....yes, he loves Dora!

Everlee's personalized board book that can be chewed on and taken anywhere :)

Doll bunk beds

Doll armoire

New bike.....helmet was still too small. Guess that'll go on the birthday list.

Her favorite chew toy is Reese's hair brush, but now she has her own!

Doll carrier

New paci!

Write up her alley!

Showing some love and appreciation :)

Once the kids had completely destroyed our living room opened all their presents, we headed to the Buchman's.

More chaos about to begin!

Wow, what could be in there???

Drums! How thoughtful.

Well, looky there! We've got our own band!

And a super cute audience :)

Ahhh, American Girl Doll!!!

Hello, cowboy!

Walking!!! This year's proudest Christmas moment!

Wow, what a great Christmas! What wonderful memories! Every year, it seems to get better and better all because of our three little loves! It is indescribable witnessing your child's happiness and amazement! Our family is incredibly blessed!

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