Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend recap in pictures

We didn't do a whole lot this weekend, but enough to keep us busy!

One thing for sure though, we definitely enjoyed the weather!

I think we spent all Friday afternoon and evening outside (until the girls and I visited my grandma and had supper with my mom and aunt, and the boys had supper with Uncle Caid).

He calls himself Justin Beaver!

Saturday, we went to Aunt Cheyna's soccer game. Cru loves going to games.....not sure if it's because he likes soccer or likes all the attention he gets from Cheyna's teammates!

After the game, we enjoyed pizza and family time at the Buchman's!

Oh yeah, also on Saturday, our kids decided that Coy's doggie door is the coolest thing EVER!

They also thought drinking from her water dish, then mixing her water and food was really cool! Never a dull moment!

Sunday, we skipped church....shhhh, don't tell! We spent more time outside and then spent the evening at my parent's house.

Oh, and we also picked up some amazing cupcakes......

Is your mouth watering yet? Check more info out here! If you order some, you will NOT be disappointed!

And just because, lets end this with a few more pictures that I hope make you smile!

Miss Everlee enjoying her new toy from cousin Charlee!

Man, this golf cart pisses him off.....

in the grass to the left, then in the grass to the right! You'll get the hang of it soon, Buddy!

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