Thursday, September 8, 2011

7 months

Everlee turned 7 months on Tuesday! Seriously, where did her sixth month go???

Her smile continues to light up our lives every day.

She's such a good baby....except for the fact that she still doesn't sleep through the night. She usually gets up somewhere between 2:30-5:00 am, eats, then goes right back to sleep until 8:30-9:30 am.

She's gotten into a pretty good routine where she takes a morning nap around 10:30, which is usually in the car because we do most of our running errands during that time. She goes down for her afternoon nap around 1:30 and wakes up around 3:30. She also takes an evening cat nap around 7:30, which is usually in the stroller because we spend almost every evening outside.

She loves baby food! She seems to prefer veggies over fruits right now. She holds the spoon and sucks the food off like she's sucking on a straw. It's messy, messy! She's also started eating puffs (and crackers off the Pizza Hut salad bar!).

She's sitting like a pro, and is even trying to transition from her belly to sitting, but isn't quite strong enough yet.

She's all over the place all the time! She's still army crawling, but her favorite position is on her hands and feet with her but up in the air.....

Leg warmers are a must these days, not just because of the cooler weather, but because we like to protect her chubby knees from rug burns.

She's become very, VERY, attached to me lately, like carry her around all day kind of attached. Whether someone else is holding her or she's playing on the floor, as soon as she sees me or hears my voice, she starts whining until I hold her. Thankfully, the jump-a-roo gives me a break!

Our little girl is officially closer to being a year old than being a newborn, and that breaks my heart, but at the same time, life gets more fun as she gets older. I couldn't imagine our family without her.

We love you so much, Evee!

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