Monday, September 5, 2011

Celebration #4: Reese's actual birthday

On Wednesday, August 31st, it was official....Reese was 5!

She had school that morning. It was wear your favorite college colors day.....Rock Chalk!

Her choice, I promise.

She was so excited for Papa to take her to school.....definitely not because Papa lets her ride in the front seat!

After school, we headed out for a special birthday McDonald's! Yet again, her choice.

We told her she could invite one of her friends to come with, and without hesitation she picked her new friend from school, who just happens to have one of the best names in the world.....Reese!

They played for nearly two hours!

After nap time, we headed to the college to watch Aunt Cheyna play soccer!

Reese took birthday phone calls while there.....

and also played a little soccer of her own.

We left Cheyna's game a little early to meet Papa and Grammie for some Pizza Hut of Reese's favorites!

And afterwards, we topped off her special day with just a few more presents!

Her puppet theater.....a little smaller than I anticipated, but she loves it and that's what matters. Puppets are her thing right now!

Evee enjoyed the tissue paper!

Thanking her Bubby for the Little Mermaid bath toy!

Happy 5th Birthday, Reese!

Hope it was as special as you are! We love you!

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