Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Random catch up

I've been meaning to blog since I posted my last post about Everlee turning seven months because I failed to mention one of her biggest accomplishments.....her first word!!! Drum roll please......MAMA!!!!

Leave it to the third and final child to finally say mama before dada. Yeah!

Go Evee!

And in a little more Evee news, whenever she wakes up, whether it be in the middle of the night, in the morning, or after nap time, this is how we find her.....

Apparently, lowering her mattress one notch was not enough.

Love it though; always makes me smile!

And I have no idea what she got into here.....

Other news pertains to our Cru-y.....two weeks of successful potty training!

Can I get a whoop, whoop!

If you remember a while back, I decided it was time. Well, it wasn't. Two weeks ago, he asked to wear underwear, and we've never looked back.....

Yes, we've had some accidents. Lots of poop accidents, however today, he actually pooped in the potty!

I couldn't stop clapping! Probably because I didn't have to dump and clean poop out of underwear, which usually ends up falling on the floor or better yet, in his shoes. Yeah, that was fun.

He's not to the point where he tells us he has to go, but I'm definitely feeling very proud with how far he's come. Maybe he will be potty trained in time for pre-school next year!

Happy Birthday, Grammie!

Glad we got to help celebrate. Hope you had a great day!

Let me just end with saying, we are loving this weather!

And apparently loving black and white photographs!

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