Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I left the house this morning at 7:40am....three kids to school, one mom to Target and Hobby Lobby making phone calls along the way.  Return in time to pick one child up from preschool.  Make a quick trip home to unload Target and Hobby Lobby goodies.  Hurry back to school to pick up kindergartener and kindergartener's buddy.  Drive straight to Lindsborg to park!

It's hot!

And past lunch.

Drive 20 minutes back home.  Dine at Wendy's.  Frosties included.  Along with pop rocks!

Run a couple errands.

Finally, arrive back home....only to be summons to the front yard soccer field for a little game of mom vs. two ornery boys.  I haven't stopped sweating since Target. 

30 minutes later, it's time to pick up second grader.

Return home, again.  Play more soccer, wipe a child's butt, friend goes home, hang new decor, wipe another child's butt.

Time for football practice!

Leave practice early to run another errand.

Finally eat supper around 7:40ish....pb&j.

Kids take baths.  Reese loses a tooth!

Kids in bed....PTL!  9:00pm....time for mama to sit on her ass!  It's the season premiere (of the final season) of one of our favorite shows.

Nearly two and half hours later, premiere is ending....oh what's that?  Cru needs to go potty.  Pretty sure storms are coming so more than likely we won't be sleeping alone.

There's always something.

But then there's always those "other" moments.....

Moments where you stop....and just breathe (I think I need a tattoo that says that ;))....

These insane, non stop days will not last forever.  Cherish them.  Live them. Never forget them.

Thank you, blog for that.

**I know you probably want to hear about something other than our crazy days, but that's probably not going to happen for a VERY long time.  I won't apologize any more for it.  This is us and how we roll....The Buchman Way.

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