Monday, September 29, 2014

It was another beautiful fall weekend in Kansas!  Cru had football, but we had to miss his game due to soccer.  His soccer league is in Wichita, and his coach did his best to request games later in the day because of Cru and his buddy, Manny's, football schedule, but this weekend they conflicted.

His first game was against Newton, which they played the first game of the season.  Chet and I were not at that game, but they creamed us.  Jon (Cru's coach) was confident we could win this time :///

We were down 1-4 at half.  We weren't playing bad, they were just really good.  Things got cRaZy the second half; I can't even explain all that happened!  It was awesome though!  And we ended up winning 5-4!

^^^Big block!^^^

Congratulating his buddy, Manny!

Game two....

Before every game, the referee checks every players' shin guards and cleats....


The caliber of this team was significantly lower than the first game.  We dominated, yet kind of played down to their level at the same time.  

Jon has taught the boys that if someone from the other team gets injured, our team is to kneel out of respect while coaches tend to player.  Another reason we love Jon!

One thing Cru struggles with is his toughness.  He doesn't show any of this in practice, so it's frustrating to watch during games, but he's really working on it!  We were very proud of his toughness this weekend!


Two W's this weekend!  Awesome job, Strikers!

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