Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pancakes & Pajamas

I really had not put much thought into Reese's birthday party this year until about a month beforehand.  I had briefly mentioned in passing having a pancake party (pancakes are her fav!), but she had already mentioned another swim party, so when I figured I had procrastinated long enough, we decided to combine the two!

I began to worry the week of the party because the weather had been a tad cooler, and also called for rain on the weekend, but it worked out fine!  HOT!  But we'll take it!

The kids arrived in their cute!

We ate pancakes first thing!

Followed by a donut cake!

Guilt was getting the best of me the night before thinking about her not having a cake, but Chet reassured me it would be fine.  And it was!  One of her friends even said to Chet as he was carrying the "cake" outside, "That's so awesome!  Why can't you be my dad?!"

After breakfast, we had a pancake relay....

Reese nonchalantly did a pancake flip and she caught it!  So her friends started cheering for her to do it again...and caught it again :)

Opened presents....

And rocked the photo booth!

By this time, the kids were more than ready to swim!

As I sat back watching the kids swim, I thought back to when we first started having swim parties (when Reese turned 6, I think), we were so worried about who could and couldn't swim.  Now, they are avid flippers and dare devils!

We took a little break from swimming for another game....HILARIOUS!!!!

Then back in the pool until parents arrived.

Such a great group of kids!  So thankful for them all!  And so thankful for our families!

More birthday posts to come!

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