Friday, September 26, 2014

Before another soccer Saturday, let me get our last soccer Saturday documented :)

This was two weeks ago.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day!  We all actually got a little sunburned...after freezing that morning at flag football.

Strikers played a great two games!  Cru was one of the captains during the first game.  He scored three goals in the two games; one was the only goal his team scored the second game.  It came with a little pain, followed by a big chest bump from his coach (video at end of post).

I wish I had video of his first goal!  His team plays a one (forward), two (left and right mid fielders), one (defender).  There is no goalie.  Cru is the defender.  He has a pretty strong foot, so he booted it away from the goal, it went over everyone's heads, and rolled in the goal!  He was so pumped!  We were all shocked!  He even ran airplaned off the field to his teammates on the sidelines for some love; it was HILARIOUS!

I'm still figuring out my new camera, so pictures haven't been the greatest of quality lately, but here's what I got!

Here is his second goal of the day....penalty kick after a hand ball.

Last {painful} goal of the day.  It's pretty hard to see; he's the little guy in the middle of all the big gray shirts.  He keeps fighting, gets kicked right under his shin guard (above his shoe), and scores!

Thanks to my mom capturing that video, and I love hearing my dad in the background!  Our family knows nothing about soccer, but Grandpa is LOVING watching and learning the game!  He definitely gets fired up :)

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