Friday, December 7, 2012

Reese's Thanksgiving Play

Cru wasn't the only one with Thanksgiving school festivities!  Reese's kindergarten class put on a play that their teacher, Mrs. Burghart, has been doing for 14 years!  It was adorable....and informative....and amazing how 19 little five and six year olds memorized lines and spoke in front of a bunch of adults better than most adults probably could.  So impressive! 

Reese's good buddy, Carter, was the show starter!

"We found lots of wild cranberries.  We picked them too.  That's why our families eat cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving."

Reese was to pick the berries and put them in the basket that her friend was holding, but she missed and the berries dropped on the floor.  She kind of hesitated a bit not knowing if she was supposed to pick them up or keep going.  She finally decided to just pick more berries and try it again :)

The number one reason we chose to send her to private school is because they put God first.  And it gave me chills listening to those little voices sing about God creating them and everything else in the world.

Very proud of our little pilgrim girl!

Little siblings in attendance :)

And the next day, our pilgrim was famous!  Haha!  Just kidding!  But the newspaper did feature their class and wrote a nice article about their play and the history behind it, even interviewed some of the kids.  When I told Reese she made the paper, she said, "Yeah, I know....we told them about the Mayflower." Like it was old news.  And then she proceeded to say how much she hated the picture they took of her.

So thankful for her school!

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