Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cru's Thanksgiving Feast

Cru's pre-school class had their Thanksgiving "feast" the week before Thanksgiving.  Each child got to invite one special person, and just like Reese, Cru chose Daddy.

Am I really that bad???

Anyways, just like with Reese's feast, I asked Chet to please take my camera.  Imagine my surprise, when he rolled his eyes at me....insert sarcasm!!!

He rolled his eyes so much that he suggested to Cru that I go instead!

Cru quickly smiled and batted those baby blues in my direction and said, "Yeah, I want Mommy to come!"

Thanks, Buddy!

We, first, enjoyed our feast, which was basically a glorified snack, which is right up my child's alley!

Then, the lil' turkeys sang a couple songs....ADORABLE!!!

Ms. Becky doesn't have her hands full with these ornery boys....insert HEAVY sarcasm!!!!

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