Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pool's Open!

Ok, so apparently I was wrong when I said, "Who needs a pool?"

Because grandma and grandpa's pool is finally open and we are LOVING it!!!!

Reese is a fish! I love that she's feeling so comfortable in the water. Although, when Papa asked her if she wanted to invite some of her friends over to swim, she quickly said no because they splash :)

Cru is Cru and wants to do everything Reese is doing, but since he hasn't had any swim lessons yet, he just rocks the tube!

Suits are optional at grandma and grandpa's!

And Everlee, well, she's fearless!

Boy does she love the water! Makes for somewhat of a stressful swim.

And when she's not swimming, she's still having a good time!

All Papa's hard work (and money!) getting the pool ready has paid off! Thank you!!!

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