Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just Dance 2012

With the end of the school year comes the end of another year of dance.

Reese's recital was so much more fun to watch this year. I'm not sure if it was because she actually kinda sorta knew what she was doing or if it was because the two little ones weren't in attendance (thanks so much to Grandpa Rod for staying back with them....and bathing them, putting them to bed, and doing our dishes!). Or maybe it's just the fact that she is growing up and becoming such a wonderful young girl that makes me so proud! Whatever the reason, it was a great recital!

Enjoy the show!

Leader of the costume parade

Back stage sassy and ready for her first dance!

All the dancers performing before intermission

She was excited for the jump and would get a little bit ahead of the beat :)

Second dance

Last dance with everyone - The Tu-dee-ta!

Reese was the oldest in her class this year, and she seemed to take on the leadership role not in a bossy sort of way, more like a big sister sort of way. We couldn't be more proud....

or more excited to have the summer off!

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