Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Father's Day 2012

When you're a little girl and even a teenage girl, actually, maybe not a teenager, more like a young adult, you pray that you some day you will meet your prince charming, who will unconditionally love you and most importantly, be the best father to your future children.

Boy, did I find him ♥

He's a natural with 4 kids, huh?

Our Father's Day began with a special gift from our kids to Daddy. Earlier in the week, I dressed the kids in what little purple we actually own and took them out for some pictures. I even let Cru wear is KSU hat! Our daddy must be really special! We all know how the story goes when trying to capture that one perfect picture. We weren't off to a great start, so we took a short play break, then tried again....leave it to standing on a train car!

I printed this poster size, then used mod podge to make a homemade canvas for Chet's office.

We then headed to my parent's for lunch with them and my brother's family.

The guys played golf all afternoon, then Chet's family came over for supper.

To say my kids are blessed with an amazing daddy and grandpas is an understatement! I can't thank them all enough for everything they do for our family and what great role models they are to our little man, who will hopefully, fulfill some sweet girl's dream of finding prince charming....at least 25 years from now!

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