Monday, February 28, 2011

Cru is 2 and other weekend happenings

Saturday we celebrated Cru turning 2! He had no clue what was going on, which was a good thing since I was a bad Mommy and didn't get a party planned for him. We had each of our families over for pizza, cake, and presents and it couldn't have been more perfect for our little man.

His new way of smiling at the camera.

Reese was so excited to see Charlee; it had been a while!

That's a determined look on her face! She wanted whatever wrapping paper she could get her hands on!

His first pair of boots - no more wearing Sissy's!

His gift from Mommy, Daddy, and his sisters. We should have bought him a driving lesson to go with it.

Cousins - Cru, Everlee, Reese, and Charlee.

Thanks to all who came....our little man maybe a terrible two now, but he's still loved A LOT!

Cru got a little pre-birthday surprise on Friday evening when we took him to see Baby Jay. He didn't quite know what to think at first....

at least he wasn't a big chicken like his sister.

He quickly warmed up and started giving fives.....

then he was all smiles and couldn't take his eyes off him.

The rest of our weekend was pretty laid back. Everlee met up with cousin Charlee and paid Great Grandma Mary a visit.

Charlee is getting to be at such a fun age - her personality is developing, she's so smiley, but not yet mobile.

Reese had a fun Sunday afternoon with her buddy, Carter, at the cosmosphere. Chet and I tried as best we could to explain to her where she was going, but all she kept telling us was she didn't want to go into space. And I guess she kept saying that on the way there too. She had lots to talk about when she got home, and mostly she told me about wearing a white suit and big hat.....

What a great weekend! Hoping for a great week!

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