Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Homecoming Princess

Reese has always been our little princess, but recently she was asked to be a real princess, the high school homecoming princess. At least we consider that real, and definitely did not use it as a bribery over the past few weeks.


Before walking at the basketball game, the whole royalty participated in an assembly at the school. It was scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 8, but due to the blizzard that hit us, it was rescheduled to Thursday, Feb. 10, which meant I got to go! I just left the hospital the day before, but there was no way I was missing this....what we do for our kids.

At first, Reese was her usual self - quiet, shy, not a willing participant. However, as soon I stepped out of the picture, all was good; she's a very good listener when someone else is telling her what to do. And it also helped that Aunt Casyn was by her side the whole time.

Although I started getting worried because she wasn't wanting to let go of Casyn....

(See the little prince on the far left of the pic.....yeah, he wasn't a willing participant either :))

But Reese soon stepped up her game, and did it all by herself.

(No prince)

This was our first outing as a family of five....

couldn't have went better.

Fast forward to the following night. We needed to be at the gym at 7, and I realized around 5:30 that Reese had a fever. At this point, she started getting really grouchy. Aunt Cheyna came over to fix her hair, and Reese was nothing but rude. I forced some Tylenol down her throat, and off we went. Oh wait, first we almost forgot the dress.

I got Reese and her little prince, Owen, Spongebob balloons since that was both their favorite show, which seemed to cheer her up.

She got ready in the bathroom, where all the other girls were at, which seemed to help as well.

We didn't have long to wait until half time, but long enough that Reese started complaining that her tummy hurt. Oh please God, don't puke in public!

Reese, Casyn, and myself headed down to the tunnel to wait, and she was not having any of it. She was grouchy and whiny and her dress was itchy and kept saying she wasn't going to do it. She didn't even want to hold the queen's tiara! Casyn and I tried everything.

Finally, Grandpa to the rescue!

All he had to promise her was pancakes at McDonald's and anything she wanted from Walmart! She was like a completely different person after that. Thank you, Grandpa!

Then she started dancing, laughing, showing off the sparkly tiara, and was ready to go. Owen, on the other hand, wasn't. So, just like at the assembly, Owen's mommy had to participate as well.

Reese did awesome! I was overcome with emotion watching her walk out there.

And then as she's walking out to center court in this huge gym, I hear, "Reesey, Reesey." I look up in the stands, and there's Cru face plastered to the rail yelling at his Sissy. I really was a mess then.

Reese answered questions a couple weeks ago, which they read the answers to:
What is your favorite color - blue
What is your favorite food - Chinese
What is your favorite TV show - Spongebob
What do you want to be when you grow up - a basketball player like my Aunt Casyn

She did great! Every princess has a little drama, right? And she got a real tiara, ice cream after the game, pancakes the next morning, and a bridal Barbie out of the deal.

We are all so proud of you, Reesey!

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